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Complete Enema Bucket Kit w/ Catheter

2 +$12.50


1500-cc (48 oz.) bucket is graduated in both ounces and milliliters. Notched handle facilitates carrying the unit in an upright position. Soft Vinyl tube (60" long) has a non-traumatic tip with rounded eyes for safe, easy insertion. Positive-close clamp on tube is designed for one-handed operation.

Set contains: bucket, tube, plastic clamp, castile soap packet, and a moisture-proof under pad. Each set is individually wrapped in a polypropylene bag, and includes instructions for assembling the enema.

We strongly recommend reading the Gerson Basics Manual before beginning coffee enemas. The manual fully explains how and why coffee enemas work, and contains complete instructions for properly administering the enemas.

Option: Connector can be added to order to use with this kit for a tighter fit when connecting the catheter and tubing.