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The Beautiful Truth

Price: $14.95

A documentary film about a young man named Garrett and his discovery of a diet based treatment of cancer and other illnesses, called The Gerson Therapy. 
Garrett is a 15 year old boy living in the Alaskan wilderness which has given him a deep understanding of the nutritional needs required by diet sensitive animals on the reserve. Unfortunately, the untimely and tragic death of his mother propelled him into a downward spiral and he risked flunking out of school. This led to his father's decision to home-school Garrett and his first assignment; he was to study a book written by Dr. Max Gerson.

Dr. Gerson found, more than 80 years ago, that diet could heal patients of cancer. Controversial at the time (and even today), Garrett took on the challenge of researching this amazing therapy. With the help of Dr. Gerson's daughter and grandson he gained the ammunition needed to go in search of the truth. A truth that would affect not only him, but his entire Alaskan village all of whom wanted to know if these claims were true. After a number of cancer patients shared their stories and their medical records with Garrett, it became abundantly clear that, contrary to popular belief, a treatment for many cancers and chronic diseases does exist and has existed for over 80 years!
Author: Stephen Kroschel

Discs: 1

Language: English